Campaign Introduction

Basic Information

Campaign Type: Action-adventure spy thriller – increasing the level of intrigue as the story progresses
Postage Rate: Effectively daily on weekdays, replying within 24 hours to GM posts.
Start Date: August – September
Number of Players: 4-6, maybe more or less depending on group make-up.
Rules: Crafty Games Spycraft version 2.0
Game Status: Currently in planning/recruiting with an expected start of August or September 2017.

What can a new player expect?
As stated above, the World on Fire setting is a fantastical, dark reflection of our own world. Familiar yet different all at the same time, in which spies and soldiers battle for its future. I’m hoping for a fast, intense, eventually world spanning game steeped in the traditions of many of today’s modern action adventure/thriller writers and television shows. My aim is to encourage PC free-will and give ample opportunities for PCs to make their own meaningful choices so that the player can pursue their own goals and agendas. The PCs will begin as members (or be recruited to via their own standalone adventure) of a regional counter-terrorism unit based in Miami, Florida dealing with threats to the United States and the Miami/Everglades/Florida Keys area in particular. As the campaign progresses and the PCs gain the recognition, respect, and trust of their superiors the campaign will begin to move away from Miami and into the international arena encompassing the whole of what the World on Fire has to offer.

My intent is to encourage relationships, whether with other PCs or NPCs that will develop the game unto itself both for and against your desires, making interactions the key. To aide in this development the first two seasons of the campaign will be taking place in Miami, providing a stable/permanent locale where the World on Fire setting can be slowly introduced and relationships and goals can be developed without the worry or fear the PCs will be relocated across the globe the next week.

I want to see originality in character creation. Crafty Games offers many unique talents, specializations, and classes at your disposal, so bring out that fascinating character concept you have been sitting on. I want characters that the players are passionate about, leave it to me to figure out a way to work you into the story of the game. That being said, when necessary, characters may go through their own solo adventures before merging into the main.

Player Requirements:
You Must be able to Post Daily (Weekdays). I will expect replies to all posts within a 24 hour time period at least 4 times a week (meaning I expect little activity during the weekend) and no more than 5-6 times a week (meaning more shorter posts may occur during combat or high action moments in the story). Please do not apply if you know or feel this to daunting of a task.

You Must Commit to a Quality Post. Meaning no one-liners or a 5 page rehash of what everyone else has posted. We are running the game in written form so grammar and spelling are important and should be readable. That being said, it is a game and not a novel …I’m not concerned about the post being perfect and with the posting schedule you will have your good days and bad. The content of your post is what is important not the length, look at the information provided through your characters eyes and the length will look after yourself. Make your post
entertaining and enjoyable, not just informative, by getting in character. All posts should have direction, and most likely a beginning – middle – and end. Reference or paraphrase other PC dialogue wherever possible, I’d like to see minimal quoting. Basically I want to know what is happening from your character’s point of view – what he/she is thinking and feeling, what he/she is seeing. Good role-play will be rewarded, whether by extra XP or other forms.

I would hope for at least a year long commitment, it has been my experience that a chapter or single adventure may take up to four to six months, and I would expect any player looking to join be around for two chapters. I realize that real life stuff happens, please don’t start what you can’t finish.

I will be using Crafty Games Spycraft 2.0 rules, most likely with some variant rules – that are yet to be determined.

Knowledge of the setting and even access to the books would be helpful. If you are genuinely interested and are sure that you can meet all the commitments PM me or email to and we will certainly work something out.

These commitments I realize are asking for a lot, and will not go without being rewarded. Rewards may come in the form of additional Experience Points, Action Points, or perhaps story awards. For example, perhaps you decide that your character wants to own/operate his own “security” firm and lead his own army, find the cartel who kidnapped your brother, or decide you want to purchase a container ship and start up a shipping business (and perhaps turn that same ship into a state-of-the-art spy ship). Clues and steps towards these goals can be another means of reward.

Most importantly …HAVE FUN!!

Character Requirements: There are very few limitations on what characters will be acceptable. I would prefer no totally evil characters. Though in a world as grey as World on Fire who is to say what is really “evil”.

The important thing is to focus on a UNIQUE character concept that you are passionate about. I do not want to see a bunch of Jason Bourne, James Bond, or John Wick rip-offs. It is my hope that I see all types of characters from all social standings and cultures and that it is a character you can develop and love.

Apply via the sites “Request to Join” feature, Private Message, or barring that email to and include a bit about yourself, why you are interested in joining, and how much you know about the World on Fire setting.

I will respond either inviting you to continue your application or declining. When you send me a concept that will fit the campaign I will ask you to develop the background. We will work on refining that together and get you into the game.

The process may seem long and patience will be required. As I intend to run this campaign for a long time, patience works for me and I think you will find a more meaningful character in the end.

Campaign Introduction

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