World on Fire Timeline

World on Fire: A Summary

The World on Fire setting is a gritty, realistic world heavily influenced by today’s political landscape. Many of the historical events that have shaped our own world have a place in the World on Fire setting, providing a familiar feel to the setting that has the potential to influence some powerful character development and roleplay. Provided below are events that have significantly shaped the World on Fire world, as told from the perspective of the average citizen that could commonly be available, in setting, via the world’s news services, the world wide web, and word of mouth. More in depth coverage of the events would be provided in character by whatever agency or organization the character happens to be working for … or obtained illegally through the black market, and even then can the information be trusted?

November 14, 1993 - Nobel Prize winner and political savant Gregory Goodchilde is mugged and brutally stabbed repeatedly. The paramedics’ arrival was delayed due to road construction and he died in route to the hospital. Conspiracy theorist believe the circumstances surrounding his death as suspicious.

March 21, 2001 - The body of Yerik Kolesnikov, a decorated Cold War veteren and Russian government official, is delivered to the authorities with evidence linking an elusive group of patriots and spies, widely regarded as terrorists, collectively called the Shadow Patriots in nearly a decades worth of failed and/or illegal global operations. Public outcry was immediate and severe as the media began blaming the Shadow Patriots for every bad thing that happened over the past decade.

Late March 2001, in the days following Yerik Kolesnikov’s death - The Mouthwash Confession is released and commonly attributed to the anarchist hacker group Banshee Net and their Patriot allies. A simultaneous and massive dispensation of honesty that the world has yet to recover from, and in the opinion of some never will. Its considered the single most devestating revelation of the media age as careers were ruined, corporations toppled, and governments injured often with fatal consequences.

Mid July 2001 - The One World Doctrine is approved by the United Nations creating a single UN sponsored organization dedicated to the eradication of the terrorist menance in any and all forms and granted this organization near uni-lateral power in the process.

January 1, 2002 - Project Pitfall, the product of the One World Doctrine, is sanctioned with offices in every contributing nation.

July 19, 2004 - The German researcher Dr. Friedrich Kholera dispenses the Nightfall Virus as part of his perverted Extinction Agenda, a vile plot that’s death toll topped ten million worldwide with South America and Central Europe the hardest global areas hit.

Fall 2004 - Project Pitfall, in one of its greatest achievements, captures and takes control of the Banshee Net and Shadow Patriot headquarters – the Illuminated Futures building in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The high tech marvel now serves as Pitfall’s command and tactical center.

Early 2005 - One World Center, Project Pitfall’s headquarters, is completed. The high rise structure dominates New York City’s skyline and instantly became a symbol for Pitfall and their war on terror. The “gleaming beacon of freedom” sits on the former World Trade Center site.

July 2005 - Amongst great media fanfare, the Mutiny Engine is unveiled during a live broadcast that was mysteriously cut short soon after the technological marvel was brought online.

Late Fall 2004 - The rogue Russian colonel Ivar Vavrikova ruthlessly slaughters hundreds of illegal Chinese nationals living in Siberia. Despite Russia’s claims that the colonel had acted independently and had long suffered from psychological strain the damage had been done and in early Spring 2005 China invaded Russia. The whole world held its breath as the possibility of nuclear and/or chemical war loomed. Fortunately, through the work of an India national, Gideon Barbary, who’d dedicated his life to peacekeeping efforts throughout the region were the two nations able to halt short of all-out war even though a peace fire was not to come for many months.

October 29, 2006 - The Murder Lottery is introduced, a grisly competition that would take place over seven days, whose winners were invited to an auction of resources “for the betterment of criminal geniuses …”

November 5, 2006 - The Alliance of Evil Geniuses reveal themselves to the world by cutting all sources of power over the entire globe.

Late 2007 - President George Winter is empeached by the United States Congress after discovering his involvement in a plot to suspend the electoral process of the United States indefinitely until the “Terror Crisis” was ended. His empeachment allowed for the less militaristic and charismatic Senator Maymun Obayana to win election in 2008.

World on Fire Timeline

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